Many special moments were experienced in the Arizona desert.

Many special moments were experienced in the Arizona desert.

Greetings.  Since you have found your way to this page, let me say “congratulations” (or “sorry.”)


I am a photographer, and so I live in a vividly visual world.  One of the things I love the most about what I do is that it requires me to slow down and pay attention to what is going on around me:  a shift to the left, a gentle nod of the head, an unexpected shaft of sunlight, a view from an unusual angle.  We experience these every moment of every day, but unless we are paying attention, really paying attention, they are lost, never to return.  What photography has done for me is trained my eye to see those fleeting moments and angles and colors and compositions.  Sometimes, I have a camera with me, and I may make a photograph.  Often, however, I am empty handed.  But, I do not let this delete the impact of the moment.  My photographer’s eye has captured it for me, and, though my memory is not as archival as I would like, it has existed for a time within my senses.  I find the experience marvelous.

Having said this, though, I must also admit my love for words.  While photos can effectively express moments, words express ideas which may be too abstract or complex (or subtle?) for a photograph.  I have written much, but these musings have been largely kept to myself, save for the occasional “letter to the editor.”  Others are more talented when it comes to writing, and so I feel I should not subject others to my amateurish attempts.  But, like the hobbyist photographer who enjoys photographing his world and uploading to a web gallery for his personal gratification, I often feel compelled to record my thoughts, and this blog will serve that purpose.

Please note, I am not abandoning my visuals!  I have named this blog “Impressions” because we can make impressions with images and words alike.  In fact, I would like for this experiment to marry my photography with my written word, a thing I have long thought to do without having done it.  There! I have done it!

I am not sure where this road will lead, but to any that tag along, I welcome the company.