In recent years, I have been playing around with a technique I’ve developed that yields interesting colorful, abstract images.  Some of you may have seen these, as they have previously been on my commercial website ( and exhibited in a number of shows around Richmond.  A new development has taken place- This series, called “Moments,” as well as others that are similar, are available through the Glave Kocen Gallery, and can be seen at  Jen Glave and BJ Kocen have been terrific to work with, and their gallery contains some really wonderful artwork.  Take a spin around their site!

One of the "Moments" series, available 33"x38" and 16"x18".

One image from the Moments series, available as 33"x38" and 16"x18"



A newer body of work may soon find its way to Glave Kocen as well.  This is a different approach to the idea of abstract photography, yet, for me, evokes some of the same feelings as “Moments,” but in perhaps a more subtle way.  This work is still being developed, but I hope to have it ready for its closeup soon.

One of the as-yet-unnamed forthcoming abstract series.  

One of the as-yet-unnamed forthcoming abstract series.

One final note about copyright.  You’ll notice the © mark on my photos.  I love the idea that someone might be enamored enough with my images to appropriate them.  That is why I have worked hard to make my photography available legitimately either through my commercial site or, in the case of the fine art work, through Glave Kocen Gallery.  I am extremely fortunate that I am able to make my livelihood through my photography, but that will no longer be the case if it is taken.  Thanks for respecting that!