There is an organization here in Richmond called Art 180, which has used artists and the arts to provide positive experience and opportunities to many youngsters that may be on a difficult road.  The concept is that art can provide a 180 degree turn for many of these youths.  Check ’em out at


Next week, Art 180 is celebrating its 10th anniversary, and to celebrate, they have been soliciting entries for its “Change for a Ten” exhibit.  The idea is that, on a template the size and shape of a ten dollar bill, you create your own bill detailing the change you would like to see in your community.  Along with your submission, you include a real ten dollar bill, which helps support Art 180’s valuable programs.  Neat!

I worked for longer than I probably should have on my designs for the show.  In the end, I could not decide between two designs and so, submitted both.  The change I am advocating is for folks to open their eyes a bit to the world around them.  In this election year, we have been inundated with quite a load of false claims and accusations (on both sides of the aisle, I must say); a small bit of independent research on everyones part can help cut through some of that, but it does require opening the eyes and mind.

My idea is not limited, of course, to politics.  No matter what we do, be it communicating with coworkers, driving safely and respectfully, or simply being appreciative of those in our lives, we should do it with our eyes open.

As a side note, I found it interesting that when opening a photo you have made of currency in Photoshop, you are first greeted by a notice that says you will not be able to print the file as is, only edit it.  A link then makes it easy to visit the website of the Central Bank Counterfeit Deterrence Group.  Interesting.