I arrived at my polling location, Brighton Green Community Association in Bon Air, Va, at 6 am to find a line extending out the building and through the parking lot approximately 100 yards long.  Most expressed amazement and excitement at the size of turnout more than anything else.  A light drizzle fell down upon us, but seemed to discourage no one.  There were campaign signs visible, and workers on hand passing out the ol’ sample ballots, completed for each party, but there was no attempt to sway or intimidate anyone.  Small talk and laughter was heard up and down the line during my 40 minute wait;  as I remarked to the gentleman behind me, it could be worse- we could be waiting in line for bread.

Yes, I did.       ©Jeff S. Saxman

Yes, I did. ©Jeff S. Saxman


The workers at the poll were cheerful, helpful, and seemingly organized.  I thanked a woman for the work she was doing as I entered the building, and her reaction led me to believe that she had not yet been thanked.  She mentioned the fact that their “shift” is all day, 5 am to after 7 pm.  So be sure to thank the poll workers when you vote.

While in line, I overheard an Obama campaign worker standing nearby greet a McCain campaign worker; it was the first time they had seen each other since the last election, apparently.  Their exchange was warm, and ended with the Obama worker saying he was going to get some coffee, and asking if he could bring something back for the McCain worker.  My polling experience was tremendously positive and has given me great hope for the future of our great country.