July 2010

We are home, and the washing machine is getting a work out.  The beach chairs and kayaks have been hosed off and put away, and the couch is looking pretty good right about now.

It is also tradition at beach week to do a group photo, and lately, we have been so busy enjoying ourselves and going off into all sorts of directions, that this task has been relegated to the morning of our departure.  On a good note, it serves as a pause during the hustle of packing and emptying the house.  Additionally this year, a “4 generations” photo was made, with Gigi, Nani, Allie, and Madi.  (Guess who is who)…

A happy bunch. ©Jeff S. Saxman

Four generations of ladies. ©Jeff S. Saxman

It was a wonderful week, as always, and I am pleased to have self assigned this account.  Initially, I wanted to post a single photo from each day here, and have the project be about the photography.  But, there was so much going on that once I got going with the camera, I wanted to document as much as I could. Each day had many individual moments, and although I did not capture them all, I could not eliminate from this exercise those that I did capture.  My intent when I began this blog was to talk about what inspires me.  My family inspires me.

Thanks y’all!  Same time next year!


Here it is: the last full day at the beach.  It was a lucky day for many, with a couple of job offers being made and the (nearly) final touches being made on an exciting transaction.  Our luck did not, however, extend to the lottery tickets we bought.  I did win a buck on a scratcher, but it cost me $12 to do so.

We drove go karts at motor world, which is a bit of a tradition for us.  About half the crowd went as usual, but we had fun.  The late night 500 tourney was won by  Betty & me.  We did not lose a single game.

I did not take alot of pics, but managed to get the camera to the beach for a few portraits and surf shots.  Now excuse me while I pack…

The surf comes in waves. ©Jeff S. Saxman

Separated at birth? ©Jeff S. Saxman

These feet hesitated to leave the beach on our last day. ©Jeff S. Saxman

Well, we are past that point in the vacation week where you start to weigh the time you have left against the time you have been here, knowing that soon we will be loading up the cars and heading back to the real world.  Yesterday I took a morning bike ride down to the pier to watch the fishermen and take in the views.  Stopped as well at the condo complex near there for a look around-  we may be spending more time there in the future, but enough about that for now.  Ran into Rob and Nicki there who were looking around also, and in fact scaled the building to inhabit a certain balcony.

Fishy, fishy- where is the fishy? ©Jeff S. Saxman

©Jeff S. Saxman

©Jeff S. Saxman

Rob had his long board, and I got some shots from my bike along the way back…

©Jeff S. Saxman

The beach was beautiful yesterday- not as hot as it had been, and the surf was very rough, the water very warm.  We generally try to build some sort of a sand sculpture during our week.  In the past we have built an octopus, turtle, shark, ship, among others I cannot think of.  This year, Brad suggested we build a hermit crab, so we did!

©Jeff S. Saxman

Been a long, exciting day here in Sandbridge.  Started off slowly enough, with coffee and sausage egg biscuits courtesy of my brother Rick, and moved into a grocery trip to prepare for our Hawaiian themed dinner.  Got interesting from there, with prepping our SPAM, ginger cole slaw, and pineapple sauced meatballs.  Had a bit of time on the beach then, during which I chased a pod of dolphins up the beach in a kayak.  Caught up to them (I suspect they let me catch up), and enjoyed watching them surface just inches from the kayak.  Only then did I realize I had traveled hastily about 2 miles up the beach, and had to return.

The family that rolls meat together, gets to eat together. ©Jeff S. Saxman

Like many beach houses, this one has an exceptional collection of fine art to enjoy while here.  And there is no better place to enjoy it than the back yard.  Here are some shots of Mom, Brad, and Dan enjoying these fine masterpieces…

Next year we will insist on black velvet. ©Jeff S. Saxman

Later, our Hawaiian theme dinner attempted to impersonate an actual luau, as demonstrated by Mom and Madi.

©Jeff S. Saxman

I did make it out to the back bay yesterday morning.  It was pretty windy once I cleared the canal, but along the reedy shores, the water calmed and I was able to capture some of the scenery.  Wildlife was fun to see, including snakes,  birds, fish, and otters.  Most were too elusive for anything but a quick and blurry photo, but, trust me, the image in my mind is award winning and certainly worthy of publication in National Geographic!

©Jeff S. Saxman

The ocean water yesterday was unbelievably clear, calm, and pretty warm.  Made for some nice swimming.  And the swim masks that the boys bought were handy for underwater views of the baitfish that swarmed, and for finding and grabbing the unsuspecting aunt’s or grandmother’s ankle.

©Jeff S. Saxman

These hot days have chased us off the beach on a couple occasions, which gave time for a rousing tennis match:

©Jeff S. Saxman

Over the past several years, we have had a spate of graduating nieces and nephews in the family, and I have been doing senior portraits at the annual beach week.  Well, it is finally my kid’s turn, with Nathan as a rising senior.  So we fired off a few Sears catalog shots last night at the beach.  Handsome, ain’t he?

©Jeff S. Saxman

And who is it that ended up with all the chips in front him in the poker tournament? Oh, right- that was me.

There was a whole lot of laying around going on today, mixed in with some kayaking, fishing, and card playing.  Most of the day was spent on the beach, and I did not want to keep my digital camera down there, so I stole some moments with it, and quickly whisked it back to the safety of our beach house.  I missed some moments, though, such as when my nephew reeled in a three foot long sand shark.  That drew quite a crowd, and the waters were mysteriously devoid of swimmers for quite awhile after that.

Mom and Rick relax poolside after a hard day at the beach. ©Jeff S. Saxman

The back bay is a delight, as well. ©Jeff S. Saxman

Our house is very close to the back bay as well, and I took a walk late in the day to see what was happening on that side of the strip.  It is a great place to play as well, and I hope to get out there in a kayak in the morning.

Brad and I made it down to the beach late also, and here is a snap of his feet and the long shadow he casts as proof.  And, a silly face by Nathan, captured with a slow shutter speed and zoom of the lens, makes for an interesting image.

©Jeff S. Saxman

And finally, the day’s dying light made for a lovely pink and blue sky…

Nice finish to a beautiful day! ©Jeff S. Saxman

Yesterday was the Fourth of July, and my image selections bookend the day…

Anticipation of Sunrise. ©Jeff Saxman

Rockets' Red Glare. ©Jeff Saxman

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