There was a whole lot of laying around going on today, mixed in with some kayaking, fishing, and card playing.  Most of the day was spent on the beach, and I did not want to keep my digital camera down there, so I stole some moments with it, and quickly whisked it back to the safety of our beach house.  I missed some moments, though, such as when my nephew reeled in a three foot long sand shark.  That drew quite a crowd, and the waters were mysteriously devoid of swimmers for quite awhile after that.

Mom and Rick relax poolside after a hard day at the beach. ©Jeff S. Saxman

The back bay is a delight, as well. ©Jeff S. Saxman

Our house is very close to the back bay as well, and I took a walk late in the day to see what was happening on that side of the strip.  It is a great place to play as well, and I hope to get out there in a kayak in the morning.

Brad and I made it down to the beach late also, and here is a snap of his feet and the long shadow he casts as proof.  And, a silly face by Nathan, captured with a slow shutter speed and zoom of the lens, makes for an interesting image.

©Jeff S. Saxman

And finally, the day’s dying light made for a lovely pink and blue sky…

Nice finish to a beautiful day! ©Jeff S. Saxman