Been a long, exciting day here in Sandbridge.  Started off slowly enough, with coffee and sausage egg biscuits courtesy of my brother Rick, and moved into a grocery trip to prepare for our Hawaiian themed dinner.  Got interesting from there, with prepping our SPAM, ginger cole slaw, and pineapple sauced meatballs.  Had a bit of time on the beach then, during which I chased a pod of dolphins up the beach in a kayak.  Caught up to them (I suspect they let me catch up), and enjoyed watching them surface just inches from the kayak.  Only then did I realize I had traveled hastily about 2 miles up the beach, and had to return.

The family that rolls meat together, gets to eat together. ©Jeff S. Saxman

Like many beach houses, this one has an exceptional collection of fine art to enjoy while here.  And there is no better place to enjoy it than the back yard.  Here are some shots of Mom, Brad, and Dan enjoying these fine masterpieces…

Next year we will insist on black velvet. ©Jeff S. Saxman

Later, our Hawaiian theme dinner attempted to impersonate an actual luau, as demonstrated by Mom and Madi.

©Jeff S. Saxman