Here it is: the last full day at the beach.  It was a lucky day for many, with a couple of job offers being made and the (nearly) final touches being made on an exciting transaction.  Our luck did not, however, extend to the lottery tickets we bought.  I did win a buck on a scratcher, but it cost me $12 to do so.

We drove go karts at motor world, which is a bit of a tradition for us.  About half the crowd went as usual, but we had fun.  The late night 500 tourney was won by  Betty & me.  We did not lose a single game.

I did not take alot of pics, but managed to get the camera to the beach for a few portraits and surf shots.  Now excuse me while I pack…

The surf comes in waves. ©Jeff S. Saxman

Separated at birth? ©Jeff S. Saxman

These feet hesitated to leave the beach on our last day. ©Jeff S. Saxman