We are home, and the washing machine is getting a work out.  The beach chairs and kayaks have been hosed off and put away, and the couch is looking pretty good right about now.

It is also tradition at beach week to do a group photo, and lately, we have been so busy enjoying ourselves and going off into all sorts of directions, that this task has been relegated to the morning of our departure.  On a good note, it serves as a pause during the hustle of packing and emptying the house.  Additionally this year, a “4 generations” photo was made, with Gigi, Nani, Allie, and Madi.  (Guess who is who)…

A happy bunch. ©Jeff S. Saxman

Four generations of ladies. ©Jeff S. Saxman

It was a wonderful week, as always, and I am pleased to have self assigned this account.  Initially, I wanted to post a single photo from each day here, and have the project be about the photography.  But, there was so much going on that once I got going with the camera, I wanted to document as much as I could. Each day had many individual moments, and although I did not capture them all, I could not eliminate from this exercise those that I did capture.  My intent when I began this blog was to talk about what inspires me.  My family inspires me.

Thanks y’all!  Same time next year!