Upon getting back to the “Real World,” after our sun-drenched beach week, I returned to sun-drenched Richmond (man, it’s been hot!) to a full slate of work at the studio.  The 5D went out for a good cleaning, and the Leaf got a workout in studio, shooting some fun and interesting things for Richmond Magazine, HB, and CF Sauer’s.  So, aside from my P&S going with me to Boy Scout camp, there has been little self-assigned photography.  That changed this weekend, when we ventured out to Vesuvius, Virginia to pick up Brad from Nature Camp, where he had spent the previous 2 weeks.  (For those of you with kids into frogs and snakes and just being outside, I highly recommend it : http://www.naturecamp.net/)

Venturing into the mountains is a great way to stimulate my senses, and seize an opportunity to capture a small slice of the beauty of our world…

Views of Nature Camp and Brad at Table Rock. ©Jeff S. Saxman

Leaf at Table Rock, butterfly at Rt 64 overlook. ©Jeff S. Saxman

Of course, we could not pass up an opportunity to pick peaches and nectarines at Carter Mountain Orchard on the way home.  Mmmmmmm…

A perfectly peachy picking pastime. ©Jeff S. Saxman