I have some issues with the 24 hour news cycle.  With so much time to fill, the talking heads make huge issue out of the most inane “stories,” (Lindsey Lohan, anyone?) and rush to scoop all the other idiots, inevitably getting much of it wrong.  Case in point…

This screen grab from this morning, which is typical of what can be seen online, bemoans that stocks are lower and yet, stocks, somehow, are higher.  The only possible explanation is that many of those doing the minute to minute reporting, much of the time, are full of BULLSHIT.

That last statement makes it seem as if I am suggesting they are deliberately misleading us.  While I do believe that happens, I feel it more often is due to poor reporting and/or impatience.  It would be laughable if not for the fact that people believe this stuff, react to it, and it ultimately has real world consequences.