Back in the day, when I was still assisting, we would often find ourselves on a shoot in a public place, and as assistants we would find ourselves to be the front line between the photographer and/or AD, and the curious general public.  Invariably, bystanders would approach and either ask “Are you making a movie?” or “Will I be on the news?”  Nevermind the fact that we had neither film nor video equipment, but rather still gear and strobe lights.  Popular in Richmond at the time was a collection of Duke’s Mayo ads, and so it became common practice, and a bit of a game, when faced with inquisitive passers-by to answer “We’re shooting a Duke’s Mayonnaise commercial.”  Almost without fail, this elicited responses of great surprise and admiration from the onlookers, and made us feel just a little bit more important.


Fast forward 15 years or so, and, believe it or not, I find myself actually producing still content for Duke’s Mayonnaise.  While I cannot say yet we are shooting Duke’s Mayo commercials (though as we get more into video, I am hopeful we can soon), we have been shooting fun photos for the great folks over at CF Sauer and Duke’s for a few years now, including images for ads, packaging, TV, POP, and web.  Here are a few samples of some we did recently, and you can see more if you hit those links above…

©Jeff S. Saxman