About two weeks ago, my baby boy walked across a stage in cap and gown, and picked up his well earned high school diploma, complete with honors.  Though I don’t think it has fully sunk in just yet, the vibe in the house seems different.  While Betty and I will always be there to provide help and advice to Nathan, there is a sense that, to a small degree, our job is done.  The decisions in his life from this point forward will be his to make, and the consequences of those decisions will be his to bear.

Sounds scary, doesn’t it?  A small part of me feels that way, but when I think back on my life, and many of the emotions I was feeling when I was freshly graduated and the world lay at my feet, I don’t remember being scared.  I was excited, and I imagine Nathan is excited now.  And I am excited for him.

If I ever do feel scared, I just sit back and look at the young man Betty and I have created, and know that we did alright!

©Jeff S. Saxman

©Jeff S. Saxman

Super! ©Jeff S. Saxman