The title of this blog is “Impressions,” for it’s focus is, on one level, the visual and written impressions I put forth, and on another level, the impressions placed upon me that lead to such creativity.  In the latter sense, it is appropriate to discuss, as I have in the past, inspirations in my life, and today I am thinking about the greatest inspiration I can ever imagine having.

A mere twenty years ago today, two young, bright-eyed, naive, and happy souls made a commitment to one another within the walls of a quaint church in a small village in upstate New York.  The day was gray and, later, the rain was plentiful, but this did not dampen the spirits of the couple, nor of the 150 or so friends and family that traveled long distances to watch the spectacle.  In fact, the day was perfect, and the joy I experienced lingers.

Fast forward a couple decades and you will find an older and somewhat wiser couple, since joined on this journey by two outstanding young men, still basking in the glow of that day.  In fact, the glow is brighter and stronger now, as the love shared is larger than those two handsomely attired young fools ever could have known possible.

As the older and somewhat wiser groom of that day years ago, I can say my bride continues to be my inspiration and my muse for not only my work, but my life in general.  Betty, you inspire me in ways large and small, and the family we have created together is such a blessing in my life.  I cannot imagine a better fit and I know I am lucky you found me all those years ago.