May 2012

We are on the cover of Richmond Magazine for the June Issue, as well as having shot the spread for the cover story.  One of the many things I like to do with a camera is capture small items and toy with the sense of scale.  Steve Hedberg, creative director at RichMag, knows this and so called me to work with him on this.  He and Jimmy Dickinson built the models, and we arranged them in my studio in many interesting ways, and I lit them to seem “hot.”

I spent much time putting our tiny heroes in various situations and had much fun with it.  It’s about time the little people got a fair shake, if you ask me.

A couple outtakes showing the activities of our talent in the “downtime” during our shoot.


We heard the thud and instantly knew what had happened.  Hope lived for a short time, as its breathing was evident, but soon, all was still.  I wanted to honor this creature with a final portrait.

Life is precious.