Early this week I attended a book making workshop with David Alan Harvey, whose work I admire greatly.  I went into it knowing that I was not really even on the road to making a book; perhaps sitting at the intersection with my turn signal on, waiting for the light to change, but not yet on the road.  However, I am looking for feedback and direction in my work, thus I felt it would be a worthwhile experience.

And it was.  My suspicions were correct, though, that I have many miles to go; most others in the class have a semblance of a book, a cohesive body of work with common themes and vision.  My work, while decent (I think), is all over the place.  Of course David recognized this and addressed this, but was gracious in his approach.  But I can’t help but feel I would have gotten more valuable feedback and attention in the classroom had I been better prepared.

Met some great folks in and out of the class, and have racked up about a dozen new facebook friends, which, really, is how we keep score, anyway.  Our plan is to stay in touch, continue the conversation, and hopefully, keep monitoring each other’s work on the way toward our photo books.

I am back in the studio today taking care of biz, but am heading back to Charlottesville this afternoon to enjoy more of the Look 3 festival (which if you have a passing interest in photography but have not attended, I highly recommend it).  I have a new group of images on the iPad in hopes of running into David again, and grabbing his attention for a moment.  But, if not, perhaps I will see some of my new friends and share.  Just as good in my mind.

Meanwhile, here is one of the new images I have included, shot just a couple weeks ago.  Let me know what you think!

The Landing.
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