You know how you’ll run into someone that you know from one particular arena of your life in a completely different context, and it takes a full 4-5 seconds for the face to register and the name to reach your tongue?  You search the mental archive for the appropriate data and finally (hopefully before the person gives up and walks away), it comes into focus, linking face/name/context to the present moment.

Yeah, never happened to me either, but if it did, I imagine it would have been similar to the feeling I experienced when I got my first look at the revised Saxman Photography website.  I created each of these images, and have lived with them for some time, and, particularly in the past few months, have culled them and tweaked them and removed them and returned them and removed them again.  So, you might say I am familiar with them.  But, in the context of the new website, they took on a new life, and that excited me.

The largely responsible party is, of course, the designer, one Betty Saxman .  If you are a particularly observant person, it is likely you noticed the similarities in our last names, and I must say that we are man and wife.  Such being the case, Betty organizes not only my photos, but also much larger portions of my life, and for this I am eternally grateful!

Please take a few moments to check out the website redesign, and give us a shout with any thoughts you may have- images that are particularly interesting to you, others that perhaps do not appeal or do not fit, navigation problems, or just to say “Hi.”  And, by all means, if you are in a position to commission or otherwise buy photography and think we can be of service, don’t hesitate to call or email.

Thanks for checking it out.

photography for Home & Housewares Show 2011, display booth graphics