March 2014

Heard through the grapevine that today was the first day of Spring.  I didn’t believe it this morning as I shivered on the way to the car.  The optimist inside me left the coat in the closet.  Though not cold like it has been, my bones were chilly after sitting in the studio working files for much of the morning, and so, this afternoon, I decided to go looking for evidence that it is, indeed, Spring.

Grabbed the camera and headed toward the river, which is the default direction for such adventures.  (Just like water, I apparently flow downhill.)  The sunlight and blue sky, recently on hiatus, were actually above me and warming me.  Four blocks later I stood on the Canal Walk looking for a sign of spring to photograph.  My best option had already escaped when the light turned green at a nearby intersection and the older gentleman with the wide-brimmed hat drove off in his purple convertible Catalina.

I walked and searched for something unusual and undeniably spring indicative, and as I did, it occurred to me that there were people out and about all around me.  They were jogging, walking, pushing strollers, walking dogs, hand in hand with small children.  There were cars driving by with windows open, birds were flying, and trains were cutting across blue sky above me.  Sunlight was dappled in places, direct in others, but everywhere moving and warming and creating shadows and dancing on water.  The activity around me was less of a bustle and more of a gentle waking, a sure sign that the season was stretching its arms, yawning, and preparing to meet the new day.

I switched to video mode to capture some of the vignettes playing out in front of me and hope to edit together a small taste of my walk on the first day of Spring.  Until then, a still of sunlight caught sneaking into the dark recesses it has avoided for the past six months…


Sunlight finds a way in. ©Jeff S. Saxman

It’s often hard to believe in the depths of winter that spring will arrive, but it always does.  Hang in there.


We had a bit of a cross-town mascot smackdown here at the studio a few weeks back, at the behest of Richmond Magazine.  What started as a friendly game of Connect Four quickly deteriorated into an all out inter-species battle of wits, strength, and fur.  Horns were locked, webs were slung, and checkers tossed in a hotly contested showdown that decidedly ended up a draw.  Tonight’s game at the Robins Center will ultimately determine whether Ram or Spider shall have final bragging rights.


Final chosen image in print. No rams or spiders were harmed during the production of this photograph.