June 2014

There is a tendency sometimes to throw everything you’ve got at a project, only to find the process snowball and get in the way of a desirable outcome.  This can happen on set, and I have on occasion backed up, stripped the set to its bones, and essentially begun anew.  Usually in this case, an effective, simple approach then rears its head, and a delightfully simple photograph appears.

In this photo for Richmond Magazine, I did not find myself having to work backwards, but rather began simply and allowed the elegance and texture in the subject shine.  It’s wonderful what you can do with a single fresnel and a bit of strategic fill here and there.



The city of Richmond has been going bonkers for bikes, and with good reason.  Not only does this area sport an awesome network of trails for mountain biking (which is only going to get better, thanks to Bell), and beautiful rolling hills for road riding, but Richmond has scored the first UCI Road World Championships to be held in the US in decades.  Plus, riding a bike is an awesome way to spend an hour or two, or a day.

Personally, I am not a great rider, but I love to get out and ride trails and push myself to get better.  I also love to photograph those that know what they are doing, and I have been doing so for the past year and a half or so.  In fact, I am seeking riders to work specifically to create exciting photos that will be made available to marketing and media outlets ahead of Richmond 2015.  Give me a shout if you are interested in working with me on creating some fun photos.

There are galleries on my website of some of the events I’ve shot over the past 18 months, including Cap 2 Cap, Monster Cross, Martin’s Gran Fondo, and the 2014 Collegiate Road National Championships. Many of these are available to be ordered as prints.  (Some of the galleries are pw protected- contact me at jeff@saxmanphoto.com for a password.)  Many are available for editorial use.  I invite all to take a look by clicking here.