I’ve been running around the woods and on the roads of the Richmond area for the past couple years photographing people riding their bikes.  It is exhausting at times. The incidence of poison ivy infliction and chigger bites goes up tremendously when you are standing just off the trail, in the knee and waist deep greenery, while others fly by.  Lying down trailside with my camera, as is not unusual for me, only compounds that fact.

For once, I thought it would be fun (and safer) to have them come to me.  So, yesterday, I set up a backdrop and some lights in my studio and invited members of the RVA Racing team to drop by.  Mykl, Eric, and Mike came by with their bikes, and we got some fun and interesting images.  And then we went for a ride…Studio Photography of Mykl Egan

Studio Photography of Eric Sanders

Studio Photography of Mike Sacks

And after the ride, I had to get in on it too…Studio Photography of Jeff Saxman

See more bike photos (and other goodies) at www.saxmanphoto.com.