Looking back over my blog the past year or so, I can see how some may get the impression that all I am doing is riding or shooting bicycles.  My wife would likely be first in that line of folks.  And, I will admit, I have been bitten by the bike bug.  I am riding and shooting bikes as much as I can.  But, it is NOT the only thing I have been doing.

In fact, I am quite proud of the product and food photography we continue to do, and I am very grateful for those opportunities.  Recently, we’ve been shooting both food and product for a manufacturer of high end kitchen appliances- I do not believe these have been fully released yet, so I will remain mum on the client, but, the results have been quite pleasing, I must say, and I wanted to share.  Looking at these is not quite the same as flying through the woods on gnarly single track, but it’s close.

As always, all images are ©Jeff S. Saxman, and may not be reproduced in any form without prior consent.  You are more than welcome, however, to share the link with anyone who may fancy them.  Thank you!




styling for Wolf Gourmet Countertop Oven