I like shiny things. Apparently there are interesting scientific theories concerning why. Regardless the reason behind it, my penchant for glossy highlights and tasty reflections finds its way into my work, and I have developed an affinity for creating such photographs over the years. So, like the magpie searching from above for that magnificent mark, that decadent desire upon which to descend, I continually search for reflective items to set before my lens and subject to my strobes.

This temptation has struck me on multiple occasions while in my local bicycle shop. There are lots of shiny objects there just pleading me to take them to my studio, shine them up, and make them look beautiful. I talked to Clint, the proprietor of Coqui Cyclery, and he was enthusiastic about my borrowing some goodies, which I happily did.SAXMAN150402_Crank-255



SAXMAN150402_Crank-295I’ve got some other post production techniques in the works for some of these images and will get them up here soon.

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