Whew. What a day! We had a pretty good rain last night, which made the road course slick for the Junior Men’s and Elite Women’s today. What phenomenal racing, though. The finish for the Women’s race was so exciting that when Great Britain’s Elizabeth Armistead crossed the line, it was all I could do to choke back the tears. To think that a race of over 80 miles, spanning about 4 hours came down to a difference of a wheel length is incredible. These athletes are amazing!

Less amazing is me and my editing abilities. After chasing these cats around for 5 days, I am wiped out and have decided I can no longer edit my own work. So, here for your enjoyment, is probably more images than I should include.


Richmond 2015 UCI Cycling Championships in Richmond, VA

Richmond 2015 UCI Cycling Championships in Richmond, VA

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