Wow. Wow. Just wow.

It’s gonna be hard to live a normal life after spending the last week chasing world class athletes around Richmond, and seeing my beloved city look so beautiful on a world stage. I watched the last lap of the Elite Women’s Road Race from Libby Hill and as Elizabeth Armistead crossed the line in a nail biter on the big screen, I was emotionally shook and tears filled my eyes. Almost immediately, the feed cut to a shot of downtown Richmond from the helicopter, with the lush and rocky James meandering along its shores, and my heart swelled further.

Thank you to all those that were responsible for bringing this tremendous event here, and to all those that played any role, no matter how small, in making it so successful. UCI, Richmond 2015, Mayor Jones and the City of Richmond, all the generous sponsors, all the cheerful and omni-present police officers, emergency personnel, and all the volunteers and course marshalls. And thank you the fantastic athletes for training so hard and bringing your efforts to Richmond, and thank you to all the visitors from other states and countries who took a chance on coming to Virginia and woke up our sleepy town for a week.

I have had a wonderful time photographing this event and, hopefully, I will find some opportunities to share some of these images. By the Men’s Elite Road Race on the last day I felt I had some pretty special images “in the can,” as we say, so I played it a little less safe with my photography, keeping my Canon 90mm tilt-shift lens on for much of the day. It is one of my favorite lenses, but for this type of thing in particular, it really amps up the “hit/miss” factor. Fortunately, there were some pretty good hits yesterday.

Enjoy, and if you don’t mind sharing the link to this blog, I would appreciate it!

Richmond 2015 UCI Cycling Championships in Richmond, VA

Richmond 2015 UCI Cycling Championships in Richmond, VA

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