January 2016

I know, it’s only Thursday. But I found myself thinking about that Friday after-work beer today. Never can tell whence inspiration shall strike. Today it came from the mini fridge, and the Devil’s Backbone Vienna Lagers I found there. Further inspiration was found later at Original Gravity, where Tony hooked me up with some grains and hops (and advice on how to not sour my own brews).

A shot like this builds upon itself, with variations occurring along the process. It generally culminates in a single shot that is the “hero,” but sometimes that happens sooner, and the ensuing variations don’t bring anything to the creative table. That’s what happened today- I’ll always try variations of composition, elements, angle, exposure, etc., but must keep clarity of mind when it comes to choosing the “hero.”



All images ©Jeff S. Saxman. No reproduction authorized without prior written consent.

Which do you prefer?




One of the goals of this blog is for me to describe what inspires my creativity, and the processes that those inspirations lead to. It’s very personal, and if no one ever reads these words, I still learn and grow from the experience. And if folks care to join along the journey, if even for a brief moment, all the better!

Near the top of the list of things that inspire me is our wild and beautiful world. I try to spend as much time in the natural environment as I can, whether it be mountain biking, kayaking, swimming, hiking, photographing or just sitting still and listening. My Betty and I spent some time a few months back at Grayson Highlands State Park, and I wanted to share some of the photos from that inspirational time. It is a unique landscape within the state of Virginia, and well worth the trip…



Herds of wild ponies roam free at an elevation over 5000 ft.


All photos ©Jeff S. Saxman. No reproduction authorized without prior written consent. Thanks!


Plans go astray. Schedules change. Unforeseen circumstances arise. When life gives you lemons, well…you know.

This week, it was gravity that conspired to do me in. A shelf in the prop room succumbed to its weight after years of dedicated service. And so, the time I had planned to use working on my food study was spent picking up bits and pieces of shattered plates, bowls and cups.

Today, it is mother nature, for she is preparing to unleash “Snowpocalypse 2016,” whatever that means. Personally, I am looking forward to it, but it again robs me of some of the time I might spend in the studio.

I did find some time yesterday afternoon, however, and a lemon in the fridge. Seemed like a decent subject for my 100mm macro lens (one of my favorites)…


All photos ©Jeff S. Saxman. No reproduction authorized without prior written consent.

Looking for another interesting angle, I wondered how the lemon may look inside, under, or on top of a container of water. Nothing really clicked with the lemon, but once water gets in front of my camera, all bets are off. So I tinkered with some abstracts reminiscent of others I had done years ago, the first series of which can be seen in a previous blog post and the Glave-Kocen Gallery. And this is the diversion my study took…


All photos ©Jeff S. Saxman. No reproduction authorized without prior written consent.

Have fun in the snow, y’all, and be safe!

Keeping it simple. One light, soft but directional, from the side. A subject with an interesting patina, paired with one with an interesting texture, to best make use of that pretty light. A dark background to keep the eye on the prize. Shallow, selective focus narrows the attention further and lends an elegant feel to the shots.



All photos ©Jeff S. Saxman. No reproduction authorized without prior written consent.

Happy New Year! I feel like I am finally getting out of the holiday haze and am ready to get started on some new creative endeavors. The last half of 2015 were a bit crazy and quite trying at times. I managed to have my creative moments, though, with the bike race photography and a new series of images transferred to wood (many of which are a part of this year’s small works show at Glave Kocen Gallery, opening tomorrow).


2 of the images submitted to the Small Works Show at Glave Kocen.     ©Jeff Saxman. No unauthorized reproduction permitted.

So, I am ready to move on fresh into 2016. I am not one for resolutions, generally. I’ve always felt that arbitrarily stating goals at the beginning of a year is not productive and, in fact, may simply set one up for disappointment. Rather, goals should be set and absorbed when the spirit is ready for the action necessary to reach them. My spirit is ready to be creative on a more consistent basis, and with that in mind, I will strive to produce creative photography at regular intervals (not set in stone!) and post here. I hope to communicate through these images in this and other forums; I hope to learn through the process of creating these images; and I hope to better myself as an artist and add fuel to the fire that burns under Saxman Photography.

Initially, I would like to create a food photo on a weekly basis and post it here. (I reserve the right for frequency and/or subject matter to change) I will push myself to try new techniques and subjects. Some will likely succeed, some will likely fall a bit short. But this process will be good for my soul and for my piece of mind.