Happy New Year! I feel like I am finally getting out of the holiday haze and am ready to get started on some new creative endeavors. The last half of 2015 were a bit crazy and quite trying at times. I managed to have my creative moments, though, with the bike race photography and a new series of images transferred to wood (many of which are a part of this year’s small works show at Glave Kocen Gallery, opening tomorrow).


2 of the images submitted to the Small Works Show at Glave Kocen.     ©Jeff Saxman. No unauthorized reproduction permitted.

So, I am ready to move on fresh into 2016. I am not one for resolutions, generally. I’ve always felt that arbitrarily stating goals at the beginning of a year is not productive and, in fact, may simply set one up for disappointment. Rather, goals should be set and absorbed when the spirit is ready for the action necessary to reach them. My spirit is ready to be creative on a more consistent basis, and with that in mind, I will strive to produce creative photography at regular intervals (not set in stone!) and post here. I hope to communicate through these images in this and other forums; I hope to learn through the process of creating these images; and I hope to better myself as an artist and add fuel to the fire that burns under Saxman Photography.

Initially, I would like to create a food photo on a weekly basis and post it here. (I reserve the right for frequency and/or subject matter to change) I will push myself to try new techniques and subjects. Some will likely succeed, some will likely fall a bit short. But this process will be good for my soul and for my piece of mind.