May 2016

Stuck with the beverage theme last week in my food photography project, and, since it was Friday when I shot these, beer seemed an appropriate choice (again!). This time, however, I ventured out into the wildlands surrounding the mighty James River. Clean rivers and streams are natural habitats of dragonflies, and so away I went to capture a special species waterside.

The St. Croix Snaketail is a rare species of dragonfly found in only a few places in the United States and has recently been found in the Commonwealth of Virginia. It is now also quite a tasty session IPA brewed by RVA’s own Triple Crossing Brewery. This beer was brewed to honor the discovery of this beautiful specimen of odonata and the 30th anniversary of the Virginia Natural Heritage Program. In these photos, we get a glimpse of the brew in its natural environment.

The beer is a limited release, so get it while you can. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Virginia Natural Heritage Program, which finds and preserves important natural areas within the Commonwealth of Virginia. Enjoy!


Triple Crossing Brewery, Virginia Natural Heritage collaboration results in Snaketail Ale, seen here in its natural environment

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I’ve not posted in a few weeks, but I have a pretty good reason. Soon after my previous post, I took a bad digger off my bike and ended up in the ER with a fractured vertebrae and separated clavicle. Been trying to heal, while keeping up with the ordinary business of the day around here. Needless to say, a couple trying weeks!

I wanted to get back at this, and give a nod to healthy bones at the same time. What to shoot? Milk! What goes good with milk? Oreos! So, I figured I would run with the techniques of my last post, but with milk and cookies, and spend the afternoon noshing Oreos. Don’t judge me- it’s therapy.


Image ©Jeff S. Saxman. No reproduction in any media authorized without prior written consent. Eat some cookies.