At the time of my last post here, things were dreadfully slow at the studio. I had a wonderful summer, riding my bike with great friends and spending time with my son home from college. But the downtime can become unnerving. After twenty-plus years in the biz, I understand the peaks and valleys are a natural component of operating a commercial photography studio; however, you never quite get used to it.

Fortunately, things got quite busy in the fall, and I had an opportunity to work on some fun projects with some fun people, many of whom I worked with for the first time. I will try to share some of it here in the coming weeks.

When slow, I try to push myself in new directions and get some of my more creative work out where folks can see it. A few months back, I made a submission to an online competition and was recently informed three of my images, below, were nominated for inclusion into the winners gallery, two in the pro category of “people” and one in the pro category of “fine art.” There is some pretty interesting work there– check it out!

Shadowplay; Richmond Street Photography