Fourth of July fireworks over Richmond, VA

Fourth of July fireworks over Richmond, VA


These shots are not particularly new. These were created about four years ago for Virginia State Parks. The final photo of the “giant stack o’ s’mores” was printed with a die cut and looked pretty cool in all of the visitor’s centers along Virginia highways.

I stumbled upon these as I was collecting images for a website redesign (check it out!), and thought it would be interesting to post the “behind the scenes” shot, that shows (some of) the mess that was required to produce the final piece. The marshmallows had been toasted over electric stove burners (romantic, eh?), and skewers were used to help keep it all together on set. Note the hair dryer in the lower right, which was used to get the chocolate looking nice and melty-licious.

Bonus points to anyone that correctly gets the reference in the title of this post.

Multi Level S'mores, photographed for Virginia State Parks

Multi Level S’mores, photographed for Virginia State Parks©Jeff S. Saxman

Multi Level S'mores, photographed for Virginia State Parks

Multi Level S’mores, photographed for Virginia State Parks©Jeff S. Saxman

Last week I was set up for some simple portraits in the studio. In the days that followed, I used the opportunity to take a look at myself, often times a very close look at myself. It was a chance to experiment with some interesting, if not ground breaking, lighting techniques, as well as some post production techniques I am interested in. Over the course of the process, I found myself moving in tight with the macro lens and even playing with fire. And, you may notice I got a haircut last week.

Folks seemed to dig the shots I loaded up to facebook and instagram, and wanted to include them here as well.

Ultimately, I used the set for a few product shots as well, but am still working out the post production. Will post soon. Stay tuned!

Self portraits by Richmond Photographer Jeff Saxman

Self portraits by Richmond Photographer Jeff Saxman

Close up photograph of eyeball, iris, pupil

Close up photograph of eyeball, iris, pupil


All photos ©Jeff Saxman. No reproduction authorized without prior written consent.

This group of photos is a couple years old, but I thought I would break it out in celebration of National Donut Day. I drove by Sugar Shack Donuts on Lombardy about an hour ago to pick a few up to photograph, but the line was out the door! Good for you, Richmond! Donuts for lunch! I’ll just have to get mine later. Rumor has it RVA Racing will be making a donut run later today, as we often tend to do!

The donuts in the photo are from Dixie Donuts, which sadly closed up shop a few months back. Wherever you get yours today, enjoy!

Dixie Donuts, six varieties of donuts

Mmmm, donuts. Images ©Jeff Saxman.

Stuck with the beverage theme last week in my food photography project, and, since it was Friday when I shot these, beer seemed an appropriate choice (again!). This time, however, I ventured out into the wildlands surrounding the mighty James River. Clean rivers and streams are natural habitats of dragonflies, and so away I went to capture a special species waterside.

The St. Croix Snaketail is a rare species of dragonfly found in only a few places in the United States and has recently been found in the Commonwealth of Virginia. It is now also quite a tasty session IPA brewed by RVA’s own Triple Crossing Brewery. This beer was brewed to honor the discovery of this beautiful specimen of odonata and the 30th anniversary of the Virginia Natural Heritage Program. In these photos, we get a glimpse of the brew in its natural environment.

The beer is a limited release, so get it while you can. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Virginia Natural Heritage Program, which finds and preserves important natural areas within the Commonwealth of Virginia. Enjoy!


Triple Crossing Brewery, Virginia Natural Heritage collaboration results in Snaketail Ale, seen here in its natural environment

All photos are ©Jeff Saxman and reproduction in any media without prior written consent is prohibited, discouraged, and just not a nice thing to do to a guy trying to make a living. Sharing of links, however, is strongly encouraged! See more at

I’ve not posted in a few weeks, but I have a pretty good reason. Soon after my previous post, I took a bad digger off my bike and ended up in the ER with a fractured vertebrae and separated clavicle. Been trying to heal, while keeping up with the ordinary business of the day around here. Needless to say, a couple trying weeks!

I wanted to get back at this, and give a nod to healthy bones at the same time. What to shoot? Milk! What goes good with milk? Oreos! So, I figured I would run with the techniques of my last post, but with milk and cookies, and spend the afternoon noshing Oreos. Don’t judge me- it’s therapy.


Image ©Jeff S. Saxman. No reproduction in any media authorized without prior written consent. Eat some cookies.


This week’s exercise involved something I’ve always enjoyed working on, and that is water in motion. While I do not have optimal gear to freeze images such as this quite like I would like, it is interesting to tinker with and, more often than not, the results are pleasing. I have plans to take these techniques to the next level.

Water droplets

Water droplets. All photos ©Jeff Saxman. No reproduction authorized in any media without prior written consent.