I have mentioned previously my interest in biking, not only from the perspective of photographer but also as rider.  Lately, I have been attempting to combine the two so that I can get better at both.  When a group of local riders started a new trail racing team, I jumped in (perhaps over my head).  Over the past few weeks, I have enjoyed riding with and getting to know some of these folks, and see that I have much work to do before I can think of keeping pace.  A new bike from the good folks at Coqui, several team and solo rides, and many scrapes and bruises later, I am having a blast.  So much so, in fact, that Saxman Photography has signed on as a sponsor of the team, so be looking for the box of light on the back of racing jerseys coming soon!

We are RVA Racing, and we are 40 riders strong.  I hope to support the team with my participation and my photography.  Last weekend, Russ was kind enough to take multiple passes on the North Bank Trail for me, and we came up with some fun stuff…

Photos of Russ Fender trail biking on Richmond's North Bank Trail