Back in the day, when I was still assisting, we would often find ourselves on a shoot in a public place, and as assistants we would find ourselves to be the front line between the photographer and/or AD, and the curious general public.  Invariably, bystanders would approach and either ask “Are you making a movie?” or “Will I be on the news?”  Nevermind the fact that we had neither film nor video equipment, but rather still gear and strobe lights.  Popular in Richmond at the time was a collection of Duke’s Mayo ads, and so it became common practice, and a bit of a game, when faced with inquisitive passers-by to answer “We’re shooting a Duke’s Mayonnaise commercial.”  Almost without fail, this elicited responses of great surprise and admiration from the onlookers, and made us feel just a little bit more important.


Fast forward 15 years or so, and, believe it or not, I find myself actually producing still content for Duke’s Mayonnaise.  While I cannot say yet we are shooting Duke’s Mayo commercials (though as we get more into video, I am hopeful we can soon), we have been shooting fun photos for the great folks over at CF Sauer and Duke’s for a few years now, including images for ads, packaging, TV, POP, and web.  Here are a few samples of some we did recently, and you can see more if you hit those links above…

©Jeff S. Saxman


Been quiet for too long.  Actually, I probably open my big mouth more often than I should.  I’ve just come to realize no one gives a rats-ass, so it’s often best not to blather, especially in written form, especially on the internets.

But, we’ve been busy, and that is a good thing!  Recently had the opportunity to photograph some of Duke’s yummy mayo on some yummy sandwiches, styled beautifully by Cathy Hinton.

No reproduction authorized without written consent. Try not to drool on your screen, either.