I mentioned that we had been rather busy of late, and one of the more interesting projects we had an opportunity to work on was a series of photos for the University of Richmond Magazine.

Reverend Wyatt T. Walker, born in Massachusetts, was educated in Richmond, Virginia and became pastor of the Gillfield Baptist Church in Petersburg. Soon thereafter, he became active in the growing civil rights movement and ultimately became the Chief of Staff for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Alongside of King he became an important figure in the movement; his legacy and collections are integral to a crucial time in our history.


Recently, Rev. Walker donated portions of his collection to the University of Richmond, and I was asked to photograph some of the items to accompany an article about them. It was an honor to be given this opportunity and to be in the presence of key symbols of an era we should all be aware of. We must continue to be mindful of its lessons and gains in an increasingly turbulent atmosphere.



We had a bit of a cross-town mascot smackdown here at the studio a few weeks back, at the behest of Richmond Magazine.  What started as a friendly game of Connect Four quickly deteriorated into an all out inter-species battle of wits, strength, and fur.  Horns were locked, webs were slung, and checkers tossed in a hotly contested showdown that decidedly ended up a draw.  Tonight’s game at the Robins Center will ultimately determine whether Ram or Spider shall have final bragging rights.


Final chosen image in print. No rams or spiders were harmed during the production of this photograph.